Our KIMBOO™ Combo (4in1) contains:

  • KIMBOO™ Climb
  • KIMBOO™ Wobble Board Original Pure
  • 2x KIMBOO™ Cube Original Pure


The KIMBOO™ wobble board can be used as a balancing board, as a rocking chair to relax, read or simply dream. Your little ones can also use it as a table, a bridge, a slide, a fence, a car track or a doll house. Kids will find many other playfull possibilities - you do not worry :)


The KIMBOO™ wobble board will help kids train their stability and agility, will strengthen their muscles, will develop their motor skills and most importantly will engage them in playing for a long time!


The KIMBOO™ wobble board is made of high quality birch plywood and is handcrafted in Québec, Canada. It is covered with a German eco-health natural sealer.


Maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Recommended age: 18months + 


The KIMBOO™ Climb is an amazing training toy for babies and toddlers in the shape of a triangle. It is designed to develop your little treasures’ muscles and strength, motricity and coordination but also courage! It is evolutive, meaning that as your baby gets older and stronger, he/she can be more adventurous on it. Moreover, it will take your kids away from screens as much as possible!


It is as beautiful as sturdy and folds easily for storing. It is made of high-quality Russian birch plywood and is covered with an eco-friendly natural sealer safe for everyone. Most importantly, it is already assembled, just take it out of the box and play, literally!

Recommended age: 6 months to 5 years. Please never leave your kids unattended on the KIMBOO™ Climb. We recommend putting soft padding underneath.


The KIMBOO™ Cube is our new Montessori Cube chair made for kids starting from the moment they can sit up to age 8-9. It is a multi-function wooden chair made of Baltic birch plywood. Kids can use it as a chair (2 heights), a table, a stool, a train, a doll house, a book shelf or wherever their imagination will bring them. The KIMBOO™ Cube is part of our evolutive line of wooden toys as it will be used in different ways as the child gets older.

The KIMBOO™ Cube has 4 handles for easy transportation and can even be used as a bench for adults - it can handle 300 pounds of weight! We use an eco-friendly oil that is biodegradable and non-toxic as a finish. Like all of our products, it is proudly made in Canada and is already preassembled.


  • Please note that each KIMBOO™ product is unique as it is made of wood and will be similar but not exactly the same as on the photos.

KIMBOO™ Combo (4in1)

  • Pre-order:

    The wobble board will be shipped in 24hrs. 

    Due to very high demand, our KIMBOO™ Climb and Cubes Set will be shipped at the end of June.


  • Specifications:

    KIMBOO™ Original Pure:

    Lenght - 36"

    Width - 11 1/2"

    Height - 7 3/8"

    Thickness - 5/8"

    Weight - 6.75 pounds


    KIMBOO™ Climb:

    Lenght - 31.25 inch

    Width - 34 inch

    Height - 27.5 inch

    Weight - 17 pounds

  • Shipping to USA:

    This product can't be shipped to USA, because of its dimensions. 

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