KIMBOO™ Cube Original Pure

The KIMBOO™ Cube is our new Montessori Cube chair made for kids starting from the moment they can sit up to age 8-9. It is a multi-function wooden chair made of Baltic birch plywood. Kids can use it as a chair (2 heights), a table, a stool, a train, a doll house, a book shelf or wherever their imagination will bring them. The KIMBOO™ Cube is part of our evolutive line of wooden toys as it will be used in different ways as the child gets older.

The KIMBOO™ Cube has 4 handles for easy transportation and can even be used as a bench for adults - it can handle 300 pounds of weight! We use an eco-friendly oil that is biodegradable and non-toxic as a finish. Like all of our products, it is proudly made in Canada and is already preassembled.


  • Please note that each KIMBOO™ Cube is unique as it is made of wood and will be similar but not exactly the same as on the photos.

KIMBOO™ Cube Original Pure

  • Specifications:

    Height: 12.8"
    Length: 13.6"
    Width: 11.6"
    Weight: 3.2kg

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