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KIMBOO™ Wobble Board

The KIMBOO™ wobble board can be used as a balancing board, as a rocking chair to relax, read or simply dream. Your little ones can also use it as a table, a bridge, a slide, a fence, a car track or a doll house. Kids will find many other playfull possibilities - you do not worry :)


The KIMBOO™ wobble board reflects the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy and allows kids to explore and develop many skills. It also evolves with them and therefore can be used by kids of all ages.


The KIMBOO™ wobble board will help kids train their stability and agility, will strengthen their muscles, will develop their motor skills and most importantly will engage them in playing for a long time!

The minimum recommended age is 18 months (12 months for the KIMBOO™ Junior).


Allow at least six feet of free space around the KIMBOO™ wobble board and use it on a straight surface. Maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds (200 pounds for the KIMBOO™ Junior).

Supervision of an adult is strongly recommended for kids below six years of age.


Be careful for fingers and toes - never use the KIMBOO™ wobble board standing on one side.


The KIMBOO™ wobble board should be used with naked feet or with shoes - not with socks only.

User Guide


in Canada


Birch plywood

KIMBOO™ Original

KIMBOO™ Junior

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